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CatanDog’s Anti-Parasite Tags are charged with special, electromagnetic scalar waves. Due to the permanent physical contact with your pet, a bio-resonance field is formed helping to keep away fleas and ticks, according to the common „a man body’s own defence” principle.

Advantages of CatanDog’s:
  • helps to prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks
  • effective for dogs and cats of any age, weight and size
  • effective also for puppies, sick, convalescent and pregnant pets
  • absolutely non-toxic, completely safe with no known side effects
  • not containing any chemical elements
  • completely odourless and unflavoured
  • water resistant (also in seawater)
  • no need to stop children from playing with your cat or dog
  • no need to wash hands after touching CatanDog's Anti-Parasite Tags
  • lasts up to 2 years

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